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What’s first? What’s next?

Welcome back to your familiar space. Your office.

It’s with mixed emotions. Undoubtedly, it’s great to be away from the spouse and kids (as much as we love them!). It’s a return to the place of great comfort - comfort that comes with familiar discipline, relaxed interactions and general productivity. For most employees, this is also some affirmation that they are still integral to their companies and their jobs are valid.

So welcome back and where do you start? What’s first? Sure, you have to reorganize your operations, people and processes. But while you’re doing that, you need to reach out quickly and let your world know you’re back in business. Here’s your to do list this week.

Update your email list

Create an email list of ALL your contacts. Check your wallet, your suit, your briefcase or any other crevasses for all the visiting cards you’ve collected in the run up to C19. Go through the painful process of recording the listed emails into your database sheets. Do that immediately.

Build your story

Take a moment to look back at your personal and professional experience during the period of lockdown. List down the highs and lows. Ask your team to huddle and put down their journeys. Identify what new insights they’ve gained while being away from the business. Piece this together into a cohesive, ‘personal’ story about your company or brand – where it’s been, the lessons you’ve learned, where it’s going. Focus on solutions and be realistic, honest and positive.

Share your story

Emails. Facebook. LinkedIn. Insta. Your website. Place and repurpose your story until you are satisfied it has reached your audience universe. If your story has chapters and characters, use bits and pieces across channels so that the story piques engagement and leads on to one final source (your website).

Make those calls

Call your top 5 customers this week. Call, not message. Genuinely ask how they are doing, keep away from work or payment related discussions (unless they bring it up). Be ready to tell them your unique story.

This year has been a very emotional for all. Throughout this period, we’ve not looked up to corporations – we’ve looked deeply into ourselves, our families and leaders of our communities for answers. That’s exactly the same journey that your clients and customers have been on.

Right now, you have the opportunity to connect your brand on a very human level – that means telling your story with integrity and hope in the right places.

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