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Crisis communications

Whether you are a government or a corporation, being prepared for communications during a crisis is essential. With years of experience in developing and deploying communication strategies during pandemics, we provide the following services to our clients.

Establishing Teams & Plans


During a crisis, consistent messaging, transparency and communication discipline are indispensable to help instill confidence and reinforce new governance processes. To start and sustain this process, we help mobilize a cross-functional team of people from within your organization. Based on your crisis management objectives, we ensure that every member of the team - from executive leadership down is made aware of who is doing what. Using interactive learning, we train the people involved in executing the plan to be sure they are always ready to respond.


Plans to Strategy

Based on the crisis management plan, we articulate a detailed communication and messaging strategy. This strategy defines who we are communicating with, what is the change in behavior we expect, what messages need to be exchanged to elicit the change in behavior, identify the channels to be used to carry that exchange of messaging with built in measures to gauge message reach and change in behavior. Areas of messaging could include:

  • Business continuity assurance

  • Human resource and legal messaging

  • Education and awareness

  • Brand protection

  • New operating structures

  • Innovative value propositions

  • Commitment to stakeholders


Strategy to Deployment


On finalization of the strategy, we design compelling content with words and visuals and deploy them across the various channels identified. These include and are not limited to videos, e-mailers, microsites (internal and/or external), white papers, newsletters, social and digital media, media outreach including influencer management (for message amplification), community education, forums, blogs and other relevant channels.


Post-crisis Advisory Services


Global disease pandemics like COVID-19 threaten more than internal commercial activities, so business leaders must scope their planning efforts for such disruptions. As you prepare for softening of demand and longer sales cycles, choices should be made now to strengthen your competitive position when the crisis subsides. A top priority is to invest in customer relationships and channel partnerships, so leaders should look to increase and reward loyalty from key stakeholders. In addition, leaders must find ways to help equip key customers, channel partners and suppliers to succeed during and immediately after the crisis. This means having the right communications advisors on your team now, rather than later.

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