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We help tell stories well. 

Everyone likes being understood. To be understood, a person, product, service or company clearly needs to express where it comes from, what it stands for and why it matters. These compelling stories makes for the foundation of the brands we create. 


Since 2007, we’ve been telling such stories through branding for identity and design for marketing. By thoroughly understanding our clients’ businesses, we reposition them through strong strategy that is rooted in technology, data, and organizational processes required for operational excellence. Once the business is equipped to deliver the story, we design powerful, engaging content. We deploy this content across branding, print, advertising, social, digital communications, environments - and pretty much everything else in between. 

We’ve worked across 50+ industries that include real estate, government, hospitality, events, education, metals, technology, supply chain, oil and gas, retail, automobiles, not-for-profit, retail, logistics, lubricants, auto care, travel, cable containment, health, pet food, international trade commissions... the list goes and grows on. 

We're based in Dubai with offices in Kampala and Amsterdam.

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"Ramesh and his team at brandform have been helping us bring clarity and definition to our business brand. They have been exceptional at engaging us and understanding our business challenges. With utmost confidence we highly recommend brandform to help accelerate a company's business growth."
Yvonne N Waberi, CEO, Founder
Lake House Ltd (Uganda)
" My experience with brandform has been refreshingly different from other branding and designing agencies. Their quick understanding of the business and clarity of the scope and outcome of each assignment has been extremely important in ensuring there was never any confusion or unmet expectations. They always delivered in less time than they projected and followed up after completion to ensure everything is as per the brief. I consider them an integral partner in the growth of my business.
Roy Louis, Business Head
Planet NEXTgen Technologies
"Beyond any of its competitors brandform accelerates in their ability to truly understand client’s needs and their capacity to translate requirements into rational solutions. This goes beyond creative imagery or communication, but into ergonomically and operationally well judged applications that never forget the crucial balance of applied effort and expected reward. brandform makes sense!"
Christian Franzelin, CEO,
The Millionaire Co
”There must be a serious reason why I always keep going back to Brandform for all my marketing and branding consultancy projects. Brandform takes on the work with passion and seriousness. I recommend Brandform for any activity that requires a 360-degree brand partner."
Ludovica Sarram
Conference Director
"Brandform passionately takes on brand creation and the art of story-telling like it is theirs, and invests heavily in its success. Your team comes in like a sounding board for a business owner, helping them better understand their business objectives and then you help them articulate those to the world."
Praveen Nair, Director
HEAL ME Solutions
"It is imperative for the marketing agency to truly understand the intent of your solution to be able to create powerful collaterals. Ramesh and his team at brandform study the industry and context at such depth that you may at one point believe that you are conversing with a Subject Matter Expert. Their fierce commitment, professionalism and dedication to the art is apparent through their creative outcomes. Their results were always received with satisfaction and awe.”
Dr. Jugal Parekh
Co-founder, JJD Innovations
"By making us aware of our brand value, you have enabled us to strategise ourselves competently and also negotiate with new clients and suppliers with a stronger force.  You created the complete overhaul of our branding, all while implementing our heritage and unique style. This is only possible because of the deep understanding and effort that you personally took when we signed on as a client with brandform.”
Philip Olikara, Director
Arnet Trading & Titan GT
"I call them 'my creatives' and I wouldn't want to work with anybody else, as they understand events and take time to really understand what you need - and frankly, I had never encountered that with any other 'creative service' provider. 
Marzia Beltrami
Consultant - Events
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